Kashmir Ki Kahani: Part 3

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  • Amazing piece of work…

  • Vinay Mangal

    Awesome… having lived in Srinagar for 8+ yrs.. i could see the linguistic details while being super sarcastic… Take a bow NL!

  • Rahul

    The earlier two part focused on the story of kashmir. In this part, it touches several other relevant topics. But somehow, I think the author should have stayed on Kashmir story. Nonetheless, a brilliant piece of art work and satire.

  • Raza

    Not bad for an Indian.

    • Annu Ranjan

      Well, we are not conspiracy theorist like our western neighbour. We also like to know the truth, not morph them to our needs.

  • tukai

    so… is it just me, or page 17 is same as page 20? Is that how it’s supposed to be?
    btw… the entire “Kashmir Ki Kahani” is done really well… satirical and informative! hope there are a couple of more parts on the political history of Kashmir…. and hope this comedy does not continue into J&K’s future

  • kumar

    sumit.. you are genius…

  • the_wind_faerie

    you should delete page 20- it’ just page 17 all over again.. while pg 19 is the ‘true’ last page.

  • Shivam

    while reading I was scared it will end soon…AWESOME

  • A reader

    Can’t wait to read more . . .

  • Aaju


  • arul

    good use of info and wit…but not as good as part 1 and 2…await part4 …hope we dont need to wait long

  • Sunil

    Great piece of work. Amazing cartoons and wit.

  • TheHobbit

    Somehow, reminded me a little of Persepolis..quite interesting!

  • the_end


  • GenNext

    This comics series reminds me of ‘Midnights Children’ movie ^ ^

  • anant

    Can’t stop laughing— page 11 ..

  • abyss

    SAD.. realy SAD that YOU people chose to neglect the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and other minorities and their subsequent exodus. Main stream media wont tell it, bcs in this case minority is ‘majority’, but I expected from NL. You got time to say abt even Gujrat in this kashmir issue but not Kashmiri Pandits? Really sad n depressed.

    • Seriously?

      Check part 4. 1990 has not started yet. Keep your biases to yourself. Page 12. in case you do not want to do the hardwork.

  • reader

    rocky n mayur lol

  • Aditya

    publish it as a comic book

  • Aditya

    very brilliant

  • check

    put a next button near the end of the page ..

  • Birender Singh Rana

    If possible then please also release in hindi version

  • Gaurav

    Has this been censored? What happened to the hilarious 1977 page?