Religion & Homosexuality

Cleaners with Maulana Abdul Hameed Nomani, Father Dominic Emmanuel, Patanjali’s Narayani Malik & Vasu Primlani.

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  • rajashekarbadalgama

    religion is itself a non progressive and irrational,how can we expect them to be forward looking….personal freedom seeking guys

    • Navjit Singh

      ohh… that is a PJS- pre-occupied judgemental syndrome…………..religion is not progressive but an outcome of something more vital than being progressive or regressive…………..traditions are the social exercises and not the religion itself.


    looks great discussion.. great JOB #Abhinandanshekhri….

  • Navjit Singh
  • irregularexpression

    This is going to be awesome. And I repeat.. ISLAM IS A DANGEROUS CULT!

    • Chinmay C

      Live and let live…what’s religion’s problem with gays? Religion is man made, gays are not

      • irregularexpression

        Try telling that to the bearded terrorist — he may recommend you for stoning! 😉

    • Truthprevails

      Spot on bro! I hope that gentleman won’t stone anyone in the studio 😛

  • Truthprevails

    Despite my strong reservations against Abhinandan’s political affiliations & alleged naxal love I applaud him for showing courage on such a volatile issue. I hope he doesn’t mess it up like ML Sharma interview.

    If this trailer is any indication of the complete discussion then I am sure its gonna be his best so far.

    PS: I am not gay & support SC decision 😛

  • manu

    I remember that episode of South Park in which Tom Cruise and Jon Travolta won’t come out of Stan’s closet. Something tells me Sekhri would also feel quite at home in that closet.

  • Suman

    C’mon guys, previews are not sufficient, release shows more frequently.
    And Btw, I am posting again to say I haven’t received the receipt for my donation nor have I received any goodies !