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The Media’s Do Bigha Zameen

May 14, 2013   in Life |13 comments

Who's afraid of the press? Not HUDA and Gurgaon's property giants. As an elite media housing colony discovered.

Trawling Twitter For Trolls

April 26, 2013   in Life |22 comments

We chat with some infamous trolls to figure why they troll - religious beliefs, intolerance or just bad manners?

Munnabhai Goes To Jail

April 17, 2013   in Timeline |4 comments

A chronology of Sanjay Dutt’s misdemeanours, conviction and not-so-imminent incarceration.

Al Jazeera’s Listening Post

April 15, 2013   in Channel Surf |one comment

What does American media look like in Al Jazeera’s eyes? Not good, not good at all.

Journos & Press Conferences

April 15, 2013   in Reported |one comment

We report on reporters reporting at press conferences. Get it?

1984 Riots & Jagdish Tytler

April 12, 2013   in Timeline |7 comments

The chronology of the riots, Tytler’s alleged role and the subsequent investigations.

All Fool’s Day

April 1, 2013   in Critique |one comment

The best and worst of today’s media April Fool gags.

Beyond the First World

March 6, 2013   in Channel Surf |no comments

CNN’s programming on Africa is engaging & revelatory. Maybe Indian news channels can follow suit.

Back to the future with DD

February 26, 2013   in Channel Surf |3 comments

No more ladies in elegant saris and mundane studio backgrounds. Is Doordarshan's revamp worth a dekko?

BBC Says It As It Is

February 19, 2013   in Critique |3 comments

The Beeb plagued by crises, doesn’t shy away from reporting on its internal mess. Again!

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