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Why Freedom of Expression Is An Ideal Worth Fighting For

March 24, 2015   in |15 comments

A society that does not encourage and entertain free speech is doomed to stagnate.

The Making Of The Great Indian News Panel

March 9, 2015   in |12 comments

Selecting a panel to appearing on one, subject experts to “entertainers”. The world of TV news panels is more than the discussion.

Why Arnab Goswami’s #NirbhayaInsulted Circus Was A Body Blow To Journalism

March 4, 2015   in |169 comments

The Newshour anchor does a disservice to free speech by asking for a clampdown on India’s Daughter on NDTV.

Sting In The Tale

February 17, 2015   in |14 comments

Cobrapost’s ‘biggest story of all time’ turned out to be a prank. Not everyone in the media found it funny.

Communist Kejriwal, Hitler Modi: All In The Head

February 12, 2015   in |33 comments

Arguments that link Kejriwal’s political ascent to a rise of communism in Delhi are tenuous.

In Support of Charlie Hebdo

January 8, 2015   in |72 comments

One must stand up for the right to mock, satirise and offend without a rider.

What I Learnt At The People’s SAARC

December 4, 2014   in |8 comments

Some great sessions aside, a little less confrontation and more calm conversation would hold the summit in good stead.

SAARC ki Aisi ki Taisi

December 2, 2014   in Life |13 comments

A look at the Aisi Taisi Democracy performance at the People’s SAARC and a conversation with the men behind it.

The Grand Hindu Theory: Rajnath Should Not Stop At Heisenberg

November 18, 2014   in Life |113 comments

The BJP minister may as well credit Hindu philosophy for all proven and unproven scientific ideas.

Yes, we are Indians but we are also more

November 12, 2014   in Governance |45 comments

Yes, all religions, genders and communities need to be represented in the Cabinet. Here’s why.

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