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Why I Agree With Bill Maher’s Views On Islam

October 7, 2014   in |284 comments

Was Bill Maher really so incorrect in holding Islam up to the scrutiny of liberal principles?

Is Bhagwat On DD Such A Bad Thing?

October 6, 2014   in |26 comments

Why the RSS chief’s speech on DD might not be such a threat after all.

Reverberating Rajdeep Slap: The Rashomon Effect

September 30, 2014   in |433 comments

The many many versions surrounding #RajdeepSlapped: trying to find our way through the Rashomon maze.

Reading This Is Compulsory

September 6, 2014   in Critique |130 comments

As decreed by no one, reading this piece is compulsory and then write a detailed report or die.

The Boys Boarding Bogey

September 2, 2014   in Critique |10 comments

The Boarding School Bogey - more to it than meets the eye.


August 11, 2014   in Critique |31 comments

The need to support freedom of expression no matter how unliberated the opinion, and the inevitable move away from old-school one-way journalism to the free-for-all world of social media.

Our Position On Newslaundry

June 28, 2014   in Critique |141 comments

The method to the madness behind Newslaundry and why it’s time you supported us.

7 Things Trolls Should Know And Are Afraid To Ask

June 25, 2014   in Critique |57 comments

How trolls can win friends and find the diamond in them.

Homo Honge Kaamyaab

December 11, 2013   in Critique |29 comments

The one thing that brings religious leaders together – their hatred for all things homosexual.

Trash Talking Tehelka

December 3, 2013   in Critique |24 comments

Tehelka is a good start, now let’s go after everyone.

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