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Why Prannoy Roy’s Lifetime Achievement Award Matters

May 6, 2015   in Articles |27 comments

Even as NDTV & Prannoy are criticised for much, he got many more things very right.

What A Crying Shame

April 24, 2015   in Criticles |77 comments

After Arnab’s histrionics, could Ashutosh crying usher in a new wave of melodrama in TV news?

The Shakti Of PR

April 21, 2015   in Criticles |9 comments

Of Shakti Kapoor getting mobbed by girls and worse press releases making it to news.

#ShameOnDigvijaya Comes A Tad Too Late

April 17, 2015   in Criticles |19 comments

There are enough reasons to bash Digvijaya Singh. Calling Masarat Alam “sahab” is hardly one of them.

Let’s Talk About The Press, Baby

April 10, 2015   in Criticles |54 comments

Why Arnab’s Newshour on April 8 got so much right even as its hysteria and shouting remained intact.

Why Freedom of Expression Is An Ideal Worth Fighting For

March 24, 2015   in Internet Inqalab |15 comments

A society that does not encourage and entertain free speech is doomed to stagnate.

The Making Of The Great Indian News Panel

March 9, 2015   in Criticles |12 comments

Selecting a panel to appearing on one, subject experts to “entertainers”. The world of TV news panels is more than the discussion.

Why Arnab Goswami’s #NirbhayaInsulted Circus Was A Body Blow To Journalism

March 4, 2015   in Criticles |171 comments

The Newshour anchor does a disservice to free speech by asking for a clampdown on India’s Daughter on NDTV.

Sting In The Tale

February 17, 2015   in Articles |14 comments

Cobrapost’s ‘biggest story of all time’ turned out to be a prank. Not everyone in the media found it funny.

Communist Kejriwal, Hitler Modi: All In The Head

February 12, 2015   in Criticles |33 comments

Arguments that link Kejriwal’s political ascent to a rise of communism in Delhi are tenuous.

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