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The Hyderabad Blasts & After

February 25, 2013   in Life |3 comments

Death, fear, voyeurism and resilience. A first-person account of the effects of the blast.

A Nobel For Katju?

December 11, 2012   in Life |15 comments

Inside sources inform us that Katju’s ingenious plan of reuniting India and Pak may earn him the Nobel peace prize.

Foot In The Mouth

October 17, 2012   in Governance |2 comments

The Congress Party to get a new election symbol. Baba Ramdev tempted to join. Here’s how it all happened.

The Education Of RahulG

August 27, 2012   in Governance |9 comments

Five wise men - Chidu, Diggy, Khurshid, Swamy and Arindam - give Rahul baba tips on ruling the country.

Drought, Gods & Pawars That Be

July 31, 2012   in Governance |5 comments

Missing monsoon, absent agriculture minister, prolific praying and ineffectual irrigation. How much more do we have to suffer?

Bizarre Media Moment of the Week#18

July 12, 2012   in NL Frame |one comment

Why bother cross-checking a PTI news report, when you can just replicate it ad nauseum? Mistakes and all.

The Diplomatic “(Non) Apology”

July 10, 2012   in Critique |13 comments

Drone attacks or half-hearted apologies - Pakistan remains the beneficiary of both.