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A Government Of U-Turns (Part 1 – The India-Bangladesh Land Swap Deal)

December 3, 2014   in |70 comments

The history behind the India-Bangladesh land deal and how the BJP flip-flopped on the issue.

The Rehabilitation of Tarun Tejpal and the Unbearable Lightness of a Sexual Assault

November 24, 2014   in |62 comments

Tejpal’s attempt to return to the literary circuit made a mockery of justice and the countless women who have fought for it.

Rajdeep Caught Out? Or Is He Too Big To Fail?

November 11, 2014   in |196 comments

Anand Ranganathan sifts through the Rajdeep NL interview and comes up with some uncomfortable observations.

Despite What The Pope Says, You Can’t Believe In Evolution, Big Bang and God

October 30, 2014   in |111 comments

Have your evolutionary cake and eat religious pre-destiny too? Why Pope Francis needs to get his foot off one boat (and out of his mouth).

Morality Syndrome

September 10, 2014   in |67 comments

Down Syndrome foetus abortions: are the lines between science, rationality, morality and hope blurred?

Madhu Kishwar’s Doodles

August 26, 2014   in |105 comments

A hair-raising tale of playing “double” agent, and how it led Uncle Ranga to Madhu Kishwar’s doodles.

Indiana Jones and the Troublesome Aryans

August 11, 2014   in |119 comments

Existing historical theories about the Aryan invasion of India, and the scientific twist in the tale.


July 30, 2014   in |79 comments

Minority community vs majority community clashes, reported by the most politically correct correspondent in the world.

Exploring GM Foods (Part III – The Third Eye of Shiva)

July 26, 2014   in |95 comments

Vandana Shiva vs GM Foods - examining the battle lines and fallouts of this war.

Exploring GM Foods (Part II – The Curious Case Against Glyphosate)

July 14, 2014   in |63 comments

Examining the validity of the cases made against Glyphosate, and how it might have finally met its match.

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