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The Wisdom Of Wisden

May 31, 2013   in Sports |10 comments

Is the clamour for Srinivasan’s resignation a clear sign of media hypocrisy and the need to speak for the “public”?

Engage Mani, He Is Important

May 9, 2013   in Critique |51 comments

Nehruvian, extraordinary, candid, egalitarian. Why Mani Shankar Aiyar needs to be engaged with.

Panacea City

April 30, 2013   in Life |no comments

Move over Buddha and Ramdev. Patna has found a new belief system and life-solution all the way from Korea.

Babudom and Democracy?

March 28, 2013   in Governance |2 comments

Is a comfortable pattern of Civil Services examination a democratic entitlement?

Padmini Past Premier Days

February 20, 2013   in Washboard |2 comments

While the Premier Padmini might slowly be phased-off Mumbai’s roads, it leaves behind a trail of memories.

Convenient Frames

February 5, 2013   in Critique |no comments

The media couldn’t have had a more comfortable week of controversies - Rushdie, Nandy and Vishwaroopam.

Nitish’s Publicity Drive

January 29, 2013   in Critique |2 comments

Bihar government spent Rs 28 crore on ads in 2010-11. Did Nitish-friendly media houses get more than their fair share?

Divisions Of A Scheme

January 8, 2013   in Critique |3 comments

Magic, experiment or something in between? The media needs to enrich its discourse on the Direct Cash Benefits Transfer Scheme.

National Blame-Games

January 1, 2013   in Critique |3 comments

Does physical proximity to media headquarters, dictate the “national” credentials of a tragedy?

Mumbai Turns Off Denial Mode

December 25, 2012   in Critique |8 comments

The English section of the Mumbai press has started to debunk the myth that Mumbai is “safe” for women.

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