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Journalism For Public Health

October 18, 2013   in Criticles |2 comments

With training and help from health advocates, journalists can make a difference in the way public consumes health news.

Tobacco Kills: Part 2

August 13, 2013   in Media's pH Value |7 comments

Why does the Indian govt give safe passage to the Marlboro Man? Sifting tobacco industry fiction from public health fact.

Tobacco Kills: Don’t Be Duped*

August 12, 2013   in Media's pH Value |11 comments

The tobacco industry - the lies, deception & corruption which have caused death, devastation & disease.

Putting the Donkey Last

July 24, 2013   in Critique |31 comments

If only Bhagwati and Sen would start talking with India instead of to India - and the difference is not a preposition.

The Quattrocchi Gravy Train

July 16, 2013   in Governance |40 comments

Quattrocchi – his connections, the investigation & why everyone from NDA to Congress was complicit in protecting him.

Letting The Children Starve

July 9, 2013   in Governance |2 comments

Here's why the Indian government seems to not care about India's massive populace of malnourished children.

ET Bites The TB Bullet

June 20, 2013   in Critique |3 comments

The only newspaper to take the government to task for failing to procure drugs for TB patients in India.

Of Media Priorities

April 3, 2013   in Critique |3 comments

From BRICS to Modi to IPL, we do what we do best – express public indignation & insert private commas.

Italian Slap & Indian Fickle

March 14, 2013   in Governance |10 comments

Why is India so surprised by the way Italy has treated it? This is but a long line of slaps on India’s face.

Cars, Cancer, Condos & Condoms

March 8, 2013   in Governance |7 comments

Can you blame people for thinking the road to a cervical cancer-free existence is via a preventive vaccine?

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