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Udta Punjab’s final act of resistance

June 17, 2016   in Criticles |3 comments

When a film is targeted by the CBFC and leaked online, what’s a reviewer’s responsibility?

Be grateful: only 13 cuts and ‘A’ rating for Udta Punjab

June 9, 2016   in Criticles |7 comments

Adults in India should not be exposed to cuss words and public peeing, or so thinks the CBFC.

Rejoice! IT Ministry has guidelines for matrimonial websites

June 3, 2016   in Criticles |5 comments

The government knows what good Indian marriages are made of — an Aadhaar card.

Bhupen Khakhar isn’t India’s Beryl Cook. He’s Bhupen Khakhar.

June 1, 2016   in Criticles |one comment

The Guardian’s review of the artist’s retrospective at the Tate reeks of smugness and ignorance.

Hindus for Donald Trump

May 12, 2016   in Criticles |19 comments

It’s not a joke. There was indeed a puja for Trump. But is there more to this than meets the eye?

Pooja Tiwari didn’t just fall, she was pulled down

May 3, 2016   in Criticles |7 comments

This journalist's suicide shows how difficult it is to get support from Indian media organisations, both in life and death

CNN IBN is now CNN News 18

April 19, 2016   in Criticles |2 comments

The channel has a new name and an ad that explains what journalism is to the viewer

Who chopped Masaan up for Hotstar?

April 9, 2016   in Articles |no comments

The indie film being savagely edited for Hotstar has led to an online blame game between Masaan's creative team and its producers

Kid reporter beats local newspaper at scooping news

April 8, 2016   in Articles |no comments

Hilde Lysiak is a crime reporter, has been profiled in Columbia Journalism Review, and she's 9

Dear Anupam Kher, don’t diss intellectuals while trying to be one

March 8, 2016   in Articles |26 comments

The BJP’s cheerleading brigade’s problem is that it just isn’t imaginative enough to understand what it takes to be an intellectual

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