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Rajdeep’s Saraswat Tweet: Nothing To Be Proud Of?

November 13, 2014   in We Have Got Mail |5 comments

Goans slam Sardesai's tweet rooting for elite Saraswat community on social media.

What’s Going On With The Media In Goa?

March 18, 2014   in Criticles |8 comments

Extortion, blackmail, “study tours” all in a day's work for some Goa journalists.

Parrikar v/s Kejriwal

January 16, 2014   in Criticles |92 comments

The Simplicity Games. Our Chief Minister simplest.

Herald Gets Creative

August 2, 2013   in Critique |4 comments

Goa’s Herald outdoes even TOI in sensationalism. Creates illustration of the suicide of a mother and her two children.

MMS: Aaj Ka Abhimanyu

July 26, 2013   in Governance |13 comments

Manmohan Singh and the inescapable Chakravyuh.

Govt ad spend – Go Goa Gone?

May 16, 2013   in Critique |23 comments

Goa government’s ad spend in newspapers shrinks. Why is it that only two “saffron” papers don’t feel the pinch?

A Dollop Of Goan Quid Pro Quo

April 4, 2013   in Critique |10 comments

Goa’s first journalism awards raises the question - should a PR company be sponsoring journalism awards?

Life’s No Beach For The Media

March 13, 2013   in Critique |no comments

Not a charmed life for journos in Goa. If angry politicians and the cyber police don’t get you, rival newspapers will.

Goa’s Pinki Pramanik

July 21, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Pratima Gaonkar. Driven to suicide by media & state apathy. How many of us remember her?

Get Off The Beach

July 6, 2012   in Governance |one comment

Anita. Molested on Goa’s beaches. Facing the same police apathy as Scarlett Keeling's case had. Nothing's changed.

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