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September 13, 2013   in Critique |37 comments

Why Shobhaa De’s piece on Raghuram Rajan is utterly sexist and not funny at all.

Neither Eve, Nor Teasing

December 10, 2012   in Critique |9 comments

Why does the Indian media insist on trivialising street sexual assault by referring to it as “eve teasing”?

More Than A Kiss-And-Tell

December 5, 2012   in Book Review |one comment

Like it or not, Tavleen Singh’s Durbar is definitely worth a read. If only it was a more complete book.

Round One To Narendra Modi

September 2, 2012   in Critique |21 comments

Modi’s Google+ Hangout proves that Congress has once again been out-manoeuvred by BJP in the social media space.