Posts by Noopur Tiwari:

Western Media’s Dangerous Obsession

July 1, 2014   in Criticles |124 comments

Western media has reduced India to one single horrific, regressive reality: its rape culture.

The Badaun Images

June 3, 2014   in Criticles |5 comments

Are the circulation of the horrific Badaun images the only way to extract justice from an apathetic system?

Questioning Katju

January 14, 2013   in Life |26 comments

Noopur Tiwari has a few points of contention to Katju’s response to her letter to him. We're dreading his response.

Alice In Katjuland

January 9, 2013   in Life |8 comments

A response to Katju’s fairytale-cum-blogpost on the misplaced reaction by women protestors to the Delhi rape.