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9 Days on The Frozen Zanskar

March 11, 2013   in Washboard |5 comments

On the Chadar after 15 years - memories remembered & created. With just the frozen river & 10 strangers for company.

Reason Be Damned

December 25, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Why has our media shown a total lack of reason when reporting and commenting on the recent Delhi rape?

Coup Clucks Claim

April 9, 2012   in Critique |2 comments

Here’s a ready primer for our intrepid media to make sure they ask the right questions next time a coup comes round.

Law – Lost in Translation

March 5, 2012   in Governance |one comment

The outcome of a case is determined by two factors: fair minded judges, and good laws. Ideally both.

Ideas and Conviction

February 7, 2012   in Critique |no comments

The litterati, twitterati and glitterati want their freedom of expression but are not willing to risk anything for it. The fringe understands this weakness and draws its power and sustenance from it.