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Ms Bhasmasuri

June 20, 2012   in |2 comments

Planet Mamata – Ashes to ashes, facebook to facepalm

Bizarre Media Moment Of The Week#17

June 14, 2012   in |one comment

Our bizarre media moment of the week - Mamata. Mulayam. Manmohan. Aur Pranab. Aur Somnath. Aur…


May 29, 2012   in |8 comments

Planet Mamata - Evolution/ Devolution.

Industry Capt & Corp Leaders

May 23, 2012   in |2 comments

Our take on Industry Captains and Corporate Leaders. Spot anyone familiar?

Exalted Editor

May 15, 2012   in |2 comments

Our take on the news editor. Newslaundry brings you the Exalted Editor.

Business Babe & Stock-Mkt Stud

May 10, 2012   in |8 comments

Our take on business journos. Newslaundry brings you the Business Babe and Stock-Market Stud.

Jholawala Journos

May 5, 2012   in |3 comments

The jholawala journos make their debut in our Newslaundry Memes.

Newslaundry Profiles-TV Evangelists

April 5, 2012   in |2 comments

Newslaundry profiles TV evangelists - The complete picture.

The Real Use

February 7, 2012   in |no comments

newslaundry's take on the battle of the big boys.