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Vogue BFFs: Who Knew Beauty Could Be So Boring?

September 26, 2016   in Criticles |no comments

The magazine Vogue ventures into TV and its pilot is a drag

Why Taher Shah’s Angel is so much more than a music video

April 11, 2016   in Articles |4 comments

Theology, fashion, white supremacists & the sex life of angels — all this and more in Taher Shah’s new video.

How to milk a suicide for all its worth

April 4, 2016   in Criticles |2 comments

Why the media coverage following Pratyusha Banerjee’s death is simply deplorable

Chicken and babe: the trials of being a woman in India

March 30, 2016   in Criticles |5 comments

What do the Nando's ad and the Girliyapa video have in common? Both think women like being manhandled.

The Art of Misusing the Indian Army

March 7, 2016   in Criticles |61 comments

Apparently, our soldiers have become cheap labour that can be hired out to set up private parties.

Imagine an Indian Larry King asking Sanjay Dutt about hiding grenades

March 3, 2016   in Criticles |4 comments

We’ve got the scandalous celebrities, but the Indian media is yet to find its own Larry King or Barbara Walters.

Why Indian celebrities should watch Grammy Awards 2016 and grow a spine

February 22, 2016   in Life |5 comments

Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s performance was celebrity activism at its best. Will we ever get to see something like that in India?

Radhika Vaz’s memoir proves you can be a feminist and not hate all things feminine

January 25, 2016   in Book Review |one comment

Unladylike is funny and feminist but not rabid.

Where are the Muslim characters on Hindi television?

December 10, 2015   in Criticles |18 comments

If you follow Hindi soaps, you won’t be blamed for thinking India is an undivided Hindu family.

The ‘Servants’ special issue: When Delhi Times showed it’s possible to lower the bar even further

October 5, 2015   in Criticles |10 comments

The Times of India’s city supplement indulged in some casual classism yesterday

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