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Why Vogue Needs to Make Better Choices

March 30, 2015   in Criticles |58 comments

A look at Vogue India’s attempt at joining the women’s empowerment bandwagon and why it misses the mark entirely.

India’s Daughter: A Review

March 5, 2015   in Life |25 comments

The documentary is not sympathetic to the rapists – it makes the case against them stronger.

Oscars Just Got Political. Will Bollywood Follow Suit?

February 23, 2015   in Life |9 comments

More power to Hollywood celebs for using the Oscars stage to make strong political and social commentary.

PK And The Conscience Keeper

December 27, 2014   in Criticles |133 comments

Aamir Khan has taken on the mantle of showing the country the light and his latest PK does a good job of it.

Delhi Police’s Radio Gag-Gag Of AAP

December 16, 2014   in Criticles |77 comments

The many reasons why the Delhi Police ban of AAP’s radio spot is ridiculous and shows low self-awareness.

OPEN and Shut Up Case

April 3, 2014   in Criticles |3 comments

Expressive journalists and the seemingly unending mother of all media battles.

Bring On The Entertainment

March 14, 2014   in Governance |4 comments

The pick of 5 superlative political tributes you can remember the run-up to these elections by.

Asha Mirje The Wise

January 30, 2014   in Life |14 comments

Asha Mirje says women are responsible for rapes. This is our show of appreciation for her.

Rahul Gandhi Edited Feed

January 28, 2014   in Criticles |40 comments

What we learnt from Arnab Goswami’s interview of Rahul Gandhi. You’d be surprised, it’s quite a lot.

Unshackle Khobragade

December 18, 2013   in Governance |56 comments

Exclusive: A music concert and other measures being taken by MEA to uphold the rights of Indian diplomats in the US.

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