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Radhika Vaz’s memoir proves you can be a feminist and not hate all things feminine

January 25, 2016   in Book Review |one comment

Unladylike is funny and feminist but not rabid.

Where are the Muslim characters on Hindi television?

December 10, 2015   in Criticles |18 comments

If you follow Hindi soaps, you won’t be blamed for thinking India is an undivided Hindu family.

The ‘Servants’ special issue: When Delhi Times showed it’s possible to lower the bar even further

October 5, 2015   in Criticles |10 comments

The Times of India’s city supplement indulged in some casual classism yesterday

Do we get to know who murdered Aarushi?

August 10, 2015   in Criticles |7 comments

Avirook Sen’s masterly book on the murders of Hemraj and Aarushi, dissects the evidence. What do we learn?

The Indian Express ad wants us to believe it is the only intelligent newspaper, except that it’s not a newspaper

July 24, 2015   in Criticles |7 comments

The Indian Express' new ad would have been more impressive if it didn’t talk down to readers.

Not Playing ‘Fair’ At NDTV

July 6, 2015   in Critique |6 comments

Dear NDTV 24X7, did you forget to send NDTV Good Times the memo about shunning fairness creams?

When Religious Sentiments Become More Important Than Feeding Malnourished Children

June 4, 2015   in Governance |23 comments

A certain kind of food politics seems to have suddenly taken over the country.

On The Glory Of Mad Men And the Banality of Indian Television

May 19, 2015   in Life |11 comments

Ram Kapoor kissing Sakshi Tanwar over many episodes cannot be our answer to Don Draper and Mad Men.

Why Vogue Needs to Make Better Choices

March 30, 2015   in Criticles |59 comments

A look at Vogue India’s attempt at joining the women’s empowerment bandwagon and why it misses the mark entirely.

India’s Daughter: A Review

March 5, 2015   in Life |25 comments

The documentary is not sympathetic to the rapists – it makes the case against them stronger.

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