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Detective Arnab Goswami and the Sheena Bora Tapes

August 26, 2016   in Criticles |7 comments

Yesterday, The Newshour decided to hell with journalism, let’s just do the desi version of How To Get Away With Murder

The Great Indian, Hindutva Diet

August 15, 2016   in Criticles |10 comments

Where is our freedom to eat whatever we want?

Mamata Banerjee and the Bongo in our heartbeats

August 3, 2016   in Criticles |one comment

For once, Mamata Banerjee’s made sense. Why should a state in the East be called “West” Bengal?

When Arnub met Sunny Leone

July 25, 2016   in Criticles |no comments

The Viral Fever’s Barely Speaking with Arnub is back

What not to do when you’ve got your period

June 30, 2016   in Criticles |10 comments

Pro-tip: don’t write a poem about needing a man by your side

The Cinematograph Act needs to go

June 14, 2016   in Criticles |one comment

While Udta Punjab getting released is good news, the law doesn’t bode well for freedom of expression

Thanks to CBFC, Udta Punjab may end up to be Mera Desh Mahaan

June 7, 2016   in Criticles |3 comments

Is the film certification board trying to help the SAD-BJP government in Punjab?

Outraged by Tanmay Bhat? Watch Family Guy

May 31, 2016   in Criticles |7 comments

The season finale of Seth MacFarlane’s show was set in India and took on every holy cow and stupid cliché

Buddha in a Traffic Jam is an education

May 25, 2016   in Criticles |9 comments

This is a film that should be screened in universities so that students understand just what it means to make a bad film

Kangana, Adhyayan, Barkha and Rahul. A story of three interviews.

May 9, 2016   in Criticles |8 comments

Has the Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan Suman saga also exposed the news media and its double standards?

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