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Politics On Their Sleeves

January 13, 2014   in Criticles |42 comments

Should journalists publicly declare their political affiliations?

All Comments Are Not Equal

September 27, 2013   in Criticles |33 comments

Why Popular Science’s decision to stop comments on its website is understandable, and a wake-up call to other websites.

Syria Through The Media’s Eyes

September 4, 2013   in Criticles |18 comments

Why your source of news on Syria matters. And what the war on Syria says about the US.

Indians, racist? Kabhi nahin

May 21, 2013   in Life |30 comments

Here’s why Washington Post isn’t so off-the-mark for naming India as the most racist country in the world.

Has Sanju Baba Done His Time?

March 28, 2013   in Governance |25 comments

Why Sanjay Dutt’s conviction while following the letter of law goes against the spirit of justice.

Trial By Media

February 27, 2013   in Governance |no comments

Is legitimising communication between government officials and the media really so difficult?

Outraged By The “Outrage”

February 6, 2013   in Critique |12 comments

While media-fuelled debates over any and every controversy may be entertaining, their long-term effects are dangerous.

Dash Of Drama, Lots Of Outrage

January 11, 2013   in Critique |2 comments

Why rapes, terrorist attacks & the apocalypse are the only incidents which make the headlines nowadays.

Could You Be Original Please

November 21, 2012   in Life |12 comments

Are we ever going to display some original thought in our reactions to events?

The Urge To Rape

November 10, 2012   in Life |12 comments

Everyone is busy intellectualising the recent Mumbai rape. Keep personal bias aside and look at it for what it is.

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