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What’s got Kashmir so angry?

July 12, 2016   in Articles |13 comments

Burhan Wani is not the only reason

Will The Lotus Bloom In Kashmir Valley?

November 21, 2014   in Criticles |43 comments

The BJP and Modi have suddenly found prominent space in local media. But will that result in electoral gains for the party?

A Classic Fight

August 2, 2013   in Governance |3 comments

Why it is important for Kashmiri to be awarded “classical language” status.

Kashmir Gets IAS-Struck

May 13, 2013   in Life |3 comments

The large number of Kashmiris who have excelled at this year’s UPSC examinations bodes well for the region’s youth.

Why Kashmir’s Media Loves Mush

April 25, 2013   in Critique |10 comments

There is good reason why the Kashmiri media is less critical of Musharraf than the Indian media.

Kashmir – Back to Square One

February 12, 2013   in Governance |5 comments

UPA’s “handling” of the Afzal Guru hanging betrays the callousness and insensitivity with which Delhi treats Kashmir.

Hitting The Wrong Note

February 9, 2013   in Critique |one comment

Has the media used the protests against Pragaash to once again portray a negative image of Kashmir?

Kashmir – Losing Its Charm

January 4, 2013   in Critique |6 comments

International news organisations are slowly winding up operations in Kashmir. Is no news from Kashmir good news?

Playing Favourites

August 4, 2012   in Critique |no comments

An unholy nexus ensures that there is no even playing field for newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Ramadan Effect

July 30, 2012   in Life |one comment

For Kashmiris, life is always drastically different during Ramadan. But this time there are some interesting changes.

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