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Show Me The Money Bill

March 8, 2016   in Criticles |no comments

The Aadhaar Bill is an issue that sees Congress and BJP united in inanity and deviousness.

Why there’s nothing to like about Free Basics: A rebuttal to The Indian Express op-ed

November 12, 2015   in Criticles |one comment

Mark Zuckerberg is watching out for his interests. Internet users should watch out for theirs.

Is the Draft National Encryption Policy really all that evil?

September 22, 2015   in Governance |11 comments

Not only is it justified that India seeks to tighten her leash on companies and private firms spying on political targets, it is overdue.

Why Nandan Nilekani’s sales pitch for Aadhaar is hard to buy

September 16, 2015   in Criticles |18 comments

The Indian Express’ op-ed piece calling for an appeal against the Supreme Court’s judgment is flawed on many counts.

Blood tests and skin scraping of Indian citizens for DNA profiling

September 11, 2015   in Governance |12 comments

With blood tests and skin scraping for DNA profiling, does the government have systems and laws that prevent misuse?

Unique identity crisis: Why Aadhaar evokes suspicion

August 17, 2015   in Criticles |34 comments

At the heart of the problem is the right to privacy and the choice to not be part of the biometric database.

On Hindutva and the “Five Ms” that Pose A Threat To It

December 2, 2014   in Criticles |67 comments

RSS should look at the other “Five Ms” that threaten Hindutva.


July 16, 2014   in Criticles |14 comments

The lesson learnt from the Facebook Emotion Contagion Experiment.

Why the silence on NSA spying?

July 4, 2014   in Criticles |17 comments

The media has not cared to go beyond customary and tepid articles on NSA spying on the BJP.

Rebutting “Not By Proxy”

June 17, 2014   in Governance |9 comments

Pune techie, Mohsin’s murder has little to do with the IT Act, social media or IT security loopholes.

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