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Unique identity crisis: Why Aadhaar evokes suspicion

August 17, 2015   in Criticles |34 comments

At the heart of the problem is the right to privacy and the choice to not be part of the biometric database.

On Hindutva and the “Five Ms” that Pose A Threat To It

December 2, 2014   in Criticles |67 comments

RSS should look at the other “Five Ms” that threaten Hindutva.


July 16, 2014   in Criticles |14 comments

The lesson learnt from the Facebook Emotion Contagion Experiment.

Why the silence on NSA spying?

July 4, 2014   in Criticles |17 comments

The media has not cared to go beyond customary and tepid articles on NSA spying on the BJP.

Rebutting “Not By Proxy”

June 17, 2014   in Governance |9 comments

Pune techie, Mohsin’s murder has little to do with the IT Act, social media or IT security loopholes.

The 100 Crore Question

February 28, 2013   in Governance |10 comments

Does the Congress really hope to tame or manipulate the social media beast by investing Rs 100 crore in it?

Silence On Swartz

January 17, 2013   in Critique |9 comments

In India we fight for online freedom but are silent at Aaron Swartz’s death. Why the hypocrisy?

Media Goes Into Binary Mode

November 21, 2012   in Critique |9 comments

Big ticket media has been quick to adopt and mimic political binaries. And done very well for itself.

The Anarchic Social Media Pie

August 25, 2012   in Governance |no comments

Why our political establishment is finding it difficult to stomach the unfamiliar flavours of the online media world