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On Hindutva and the “Five Ms” that Pose A Threat To It

December 2, 2014   in Criticles |67 comments

RSS should look at the other “Five Ms” that threaten Hindutva.


July 16, 2014   in Criticles |14 comments

The lesson learnt from the Facebook Emotion Contagion Experiment.

Why the silence on NSA spying?

July 4, 2014   in Criticles |17 comments

The media has not cared to go beyond customary and tepid articles on NSA spying on the BJP.

Rebutting “Not By Proxy”

June 17, 2014   in Governance |9 comments

Pune techie, Mohsin’s murder has little to do with the IT Act, social media or IT security loopholes.

The 100 Crore Question

February 28, 2013   in Governance |10 comments

Does the Congress really hope to tame or manipulate the social media beast by investing Rs 100 crore in it?

Silence On Swartz

January 17, 2013   in Critique |9 comments

In India we fight for online freedom but are silent at Aaron Swartz’s death. Why the hypocrisy?

Media Goes Into Binary Mode

November 21, 2012   in Critique |9 comments

Big ticket media has been quick to adopt and mimic political binaries. And done very well for itself.

The Anarchic Social Media Pie

August 25, 2012   in Governance |no comments

Why our political establishment is finding it difficult to stomach the unfamiliar flavours of the online media world