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Triumph Of Mamata’s Will

April 25, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Goebbels could have learnt a thing or two from Mamata Banerjee’s prowess in propaganda

Captain Justice vs The Cybersmuts

April 24, 2012   in Critique |11 comments

Justice Katju demands a brave new world free from the scourge of smutty social media

Bizzare Media Moment of the Week#13

April 17, 2012   in NL Frame |no comments

The newspapers have their moments, and we've picked our favourite.

On The Offensive

April 13, 2012   in Washboard |no comments

What you may not know, and should, about how you have lost the right to offend.


April 5, 2012   in Critique |no comments

If you're printing a company press release as a news report at least take the trouble of re-writing it. The Special Correspondent did take the effort of deleting three paragraphs, we'll give them that much.

The Gender Of Journalism

March 29, 2012   in Critique |no comments

Why is there a presumption that the gender of a woman undermines her ability to be an effective or successful journalist?

Control Freaks?

March 17, 2012   in Washboard |no comments

When the journalists become inquisitive and start investigating, politicians react. No. They lash out.

Foreign Handshake

February 27, 2012   in Shorticle |7 comments

One wonders if this frequently and frivolously repeated phrase of foreign hand holds any merit in today’s excessively globalised world.

30 crore of butter

February 24, 2012   in Shorticle |23 comments

Our government has spent around Rs. 30 crores on ads on the birth & death anniversaries of Rajiv and Indira Gandhi

Creating happiness?

February 20, 2012   in Shorticle |4 comments

Some commercials sell ideas, some try to establish credibility. Some try to buy respectability by paying big bucks for prime time.

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