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No Justice, No Reconciliation

August 21, 2014   in |29 comments

On how it’s impossible to talk of reconciliation till Kashmiri Hindus are assured of justice.

Of Men and Monuments

June 23, 2014   in |25 comments

In Kashmir, temples and shrines lie forgotten and desecrated. Why does the state do nothing to preserve them?

Safe Journey Home

June 13, 2014   in |7 comments

Does a new government hold out new hope for Kashmiri Pandits?

Kashmir’s Unsung Martyrs

September 16, 2013   in |84 comments

Why September 14 is not just another day for Kashmiri Hindus.

The Gods Have To Wait

May 6, 2013   in |11 comments

Who will protect the temples and shrines of Kashmir from destruction and vandalism?

Kashmir’s Exiled Bhattyein

January 12, 2013   in |29 comments

Murdered, raped, forced into exile. The forgotten Kashmiri Pandit women have suffered the loss of home and homeland.

Looking Down The Barrel

October 9, 2012   in |2 comments

Who will protect the symbols of democracy, especially the Panches, in Jammu and Kashmir?

An Exercise In Futility?

June 21, 2012   in |no comments

The interlocutors’ report solves nothing, and addresses none of the pressing issues of the people of the valley.

Long Walk Home

May 28, 2012   in |9 comments

Has anything changed for the Kashmiri pandits in the last 22 years?

Hum Kya Chahte – Azadi

March 24, 2012   in |2 comments

The convoluted semantics behind the separatist movement in Kashmir.