The RBI Defaulters

An exclusive series on corporate defaults and the NPA crisis

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Sunetra Choudhury NDTv

A Pointless Agenda

A review of Sunetra Choudhury’s new show on NDTV. Makes you ask yourself, what was the agenda?

posted by Somi Das|July 24, 2013   in Channel Surf|22 comments

N Srinivasan media

Question Pe Question

Times Now is asking N Srinivasan some direct questions. Only problem, Srinivasan isn’t there.

posted by Somi Das|May 30, 2013   in Channel Surf|12 comments

Derek O’Brien Trinamool MP

Derek For CM!

Was Derek O’Brien’s turn on It’s My Life just a PR exercise? Or did we get to hear something new?

posted by Rajyasree Sen|May 27, 2013   in Channel Surf|8 comments

Maxwell Perreira on Arnab Goswami's Show

Who dares outshout Arnab?

Sound, fury, bad manners – is thy name Maxwell Perreira?

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|May 24, 2013   in Channel Surf|9 comments

Al Jazeera Media

Al Jazeera’s Listening Post

What does American media look like in Al Jazeera’s eyes? Not good, not good at all.

posted by Aastha Manocha|April 15, 2013   in Channel Surf|one comment

Indian Media

A Pitch-Perfect Dream

Did you watch Rajdeep, Barkha, Arnab and Sagarika’s shows yesterday? We did. And you’ll be shocked at what we found.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|March 31, 2013   in Channel Surf|6 comments

The Third World

Beyond the First World

CNN’s programming on Africa is engaging & revelatory. Maybe Indian news channels can follow suit.

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Budget 2013

The Three Wise Men Of NDTV

Amartya, Montek, Prannoy and a healthy mix of camaraderie, jargon & propaganda. NDTV's pre-Budget special.

posted by Somi Das|March 1, 2013   in Channel Surf|5 comments

Pawan Bansal

And Pawan Chugs Along!

Was Bansal a happy little train as he sped through media stations meeting the “gentle giants” of the news world?

posted by Somi Das|February 27, 2013   in Channel Surf|one comment

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