Can You Take It Markandey Katju?

Markandey Katju, Chairman - Press Council, speaks to Madhu Trehan about “asking for more teeth” for the PCI, being the greatest fighter for freedom of the press, why politicians should be up for public scrutiny, the need to investigate India Today & more.

Markandey Katju, Chairman – Press Council, speaks to Madhu Trehan about “asking for more teeth” for the Press Council, being the greatest fighter for freedom of the press, media management in Bihar, why politicians should be up for public scrutiny, the need to investigate India Today and more.

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  • gaurav86

    Both madhu and justice were walking on margin through out the talk, they were crossing the line in between.

  • gaurav86

    This is the best interview for me.I completely agree with justice on the misfortune of celebrity obsessed indian media. Every journalist need to get AT LEAST few lessons for their conduct. But I find govt and media of the day standing at the same “SOLD ” platform. We can’t tag both differently.Though i agree that there is a gag on freedom of expression ( I am banned from posting on firstpost after i posted against govt.only once on salmaan episode. I appreciate newslaundary for not banning me after i posted same comment here) with the blessings of rulers, but still i believe that media houses have taken exclusive and proximal routes to use their freedom with a tilt and still appear blemish free.I find this selective application of regulation more lethal. This is a very sensitive area which need an intelligent handling. Hope and wish it materialize well..

  • saurabh

    I like justice Katju’s point of view but my problem is he talks of an ideal situation but unfortunately he is not realistic. He can order an probe in Mr. Khursheed’s case but why he has not ordered a probe into the case of Lady DM from WB which he was talking in this interview,

  • A Bamzai

    I Laughed out hard twice in this interview, once when Justice Katju talked about the trivialization in media like making Amitabh’s birthday a national news. Second when Madhu put her hand up and Katju says yes like a teacher. But otherwise very interesting and informative interview on press freedom and accountability in public life.

  • Bharat Dangi

    ha ha.. this guy is biggest idiot for me in India. Somebody must be putting red chilli powder in his ass every day in the morning. When he was chief justice he must have hanged lot of people.

  • Screwed

    Madhu Trehan, the self designated Media Nanny of India, gets it straight and gets it hard from Justice Katju. #Facepalm.

  • Tushar

    I think Title of this interview should have been can you take it Madhu Trehan :-):-)

  • Tushar

    What a lovely n sweet interview… :-):-)

  • Mahendra

    First of all India is not the most religious country. Missionaries blame us to put you on back foot and spread their crap.

  • sree

    i totally agree with madhu..are we not matured enough to act..are we so weak to so that anyone can instigate anyone’s feelings. Satanic Versus is not banned in Turkey( i suppose ) where majority are muslims, but we were the first to ban. Cartoon is removed from NCERT textbook because it affect the feelings of dalit. In this case Ambedkar is a indain leader and not a dalit leader but if government need the vote of dalit they have to remove the cartoon. I am disappointed that a person like katju advocating media regulation on religious base. Go to TOI comments section, Katju can see real venom spreading . I think it is the place where you can see how indians think. You can see many comments about prophet,Ram and many gods. No care about it. Because religious fanatics who only to spurge violence don read papers. And our government is surrendering to these people.

    My humble request to Katju is to watch some newspaper which is publishing according to the interest of other countries. To name many are there.

  • Shivananda Shahapur

    He is self consumed and thinks too high of himself :-/

    • swaraj

      When you live a life of high standards …you consume yourself everyday…and only thing that keeps you going when going get tough is ur self esteem and believe that you stood for the right thing …..

  • Always see people taking dig at him . But he sounds quite balanced to me..

    • Bharat Dangi

      ha ha.. If he is balanced then you are not balanced buddy.

    • Gu’an

      I agree. He does seem quite balanced from this interview.

    • ram prasad bismil

      lol at the balanced part. He was in hibernation for all this time when CBI was cagged, IAS durga incident, Merrut riots and suddenly he comes out of no where and criticizes Modi for his hindu nationalist statement and that too one month late. His post is given post-retirement and with congress favours.

  • Thanks News laundry team. this is the only interview i watch regularly..

  • Shyam

    Intellectuals often fall into the pit of false equivalencies as they make effort to appear fair and to make a very logical and equitable argument. No Sikhs rioted when Sikhs were gunned down in the US. No riots when MF Hussain had painted pictures of Hanuman doing things to Sita. Sure it hurt the sentiments of a huge section of the people but everyone doesn’t react the same way. This has to be emphasized. But just to avoid being called ‘anti muslim’ all of these intellectuals try to portray as if its a common thing with all religions. if they are scared of saying the truth, I can understand. But I’m assuming they are saying what they really believe here. That’s the fallacy of false equivalency I was referring to. Common pitfall but other than that a good interview.

    • Very True Sir.

    • abhishek singh

      Wasn’t MF Hussain thrown out of India and his exibitions vandalised? Wasn’t the situation was managed well and fast in the US? What do u wish to imply? All religions have the same insecurities.

      • MF Hussain was not thrown out. A court case was registered against him. Rather than fight the case, Mr Hussain chose to run away from the country

      • ram prasad bismil

        If I would be there and MF Hussain did that painting about as said in this comment. i would have vandalized and may be roughed up hussain my self. There is a limit to things.

      • Romi Abhimanyu

        no they do not. are you actually implying Islam has the same ‘inadequacies’ as Hinduism? What a joke!

        • abhishek singh

          as the old saying goes ‘ chacha chor, bhatija paaji’

    • A common mistake – mistaking genuine niceness for fear. I think we’re all aware that Sikhs, Parsis, and several other faiths (and I’ve purposely left out us Hindus) are far more tolerant than Muslims. But referring to all faiths instead of just pointing fingers at Muslims is done on purpose, not out of fear but out of principle. In a secular country of many faiths it is best to say “This is what WE did wrong” instead of “this is what YOU did wrong”. While the first approach is counter-productive by singling out one community from the rest, the second approach does a marvelous job of pointing out that we are all one. That it’s WE and not YOU and ME.

      It’s not easy to explain but I hope you get my gist.

      • Shyam

        Classic Hindu over theorizing! Wake up and smell the coffee.

        No one is denying there is a ‘WE’ made of shared commonalities but not highlighting the differences is the real problem why it has persisted until today and why its unlikely to go away anytime soon. All of these nuanced niceties are just academic.

        Here we are living at a time when tolerating hoodlums is defined as secularism and ‘keeping quiet for the sake of being polite and not hurt the sentiments of the thug’ and you are telling me how the wrong use of words might not help?

      • Romi Abhimanyu


    • Romi Abhimanyu

      well said. another name is the Everest Fallacy. Quoting examples out of context. I think, if u have no courage, you are not really an ‘intellectual’ though. just a lackey. What a pity we have so many of those….:(

  • A K Rao

    Tables have turned 😀

  • Raghu

    Nice one. Madhu – bravo for all the sense of humour..

  • Loved it, you guys are doing great job. While its hard expect honesty from Politicians, Corporates, Bureaucrats. Even if only media become honest and reports honestly, we will have a better society.

  • Mukesh

    Lots of discussion and some good one but a bit disappointed with Madhu for not asking probing questions . Some Questions which should have been asked ..

    1. If journalist is wrong don’t we have defamation law to handle this which Khurshid is entitled to. [ He is not a powerless person]. Why special interest in this case? [ With agreement that It should be written “Xyz is alleged to …”]

    2. Question about setting precedence, if today Verma investigate what stops someone tomorrow to order investigation by a law agency like CBI etc with same argument if you have nothing to hide why worry … What he(Katju) is going to do to make sure it won’t be misused ..

    3. On remarks on faith and riot : What about conflict of interest ? e.g.
    a. Artistic freedom in case of Haussain or Cartoonist making Profet’s cartoon vs religion Faith.
    b. Conflict between religion e.g Many Hindus not like beef but totally fine with Muslims..

    Who will define what will hurt religion? Why not it be rule of law?

  • Brz

    This was the best “Can you take it” interview. Justice Katju is correct when he says everybody has to be accountable. Freedom is not absolute. Media should not take any diktat from government, but they must be accountable to somebody, they must be answerable to someone. Who that “someone” will be, its again for the Media to decide. But you can’t get absolute freedom. Media in this country has been behaving totally irrational lately. They have made this a money making business. I was shocked to read the full report of “Prananjoy Guha Thakurta” on Paid News. This is just shamefull behavior by the so called professionally run media houses. They are just blot in the name of Journalism.

    Look at the electronic media these days, how disgusting and biased their views are. How unprofessional they behave. So channels are behaving like official voice of Govt of the day.

    Why was Newslaundry started ? If I have understood well the underlying motive behind newslaundry, is to analyse all the news presented each and everyday, in different formats, by different persons and by different mediums.

    In my view, if India Today group and its team agrees for the investigation by Justice Verma, their reputation increases n-times and equally n-times jolt for Salman Khurshid’s trust.

    The truth must prevail.

  • Anshuman

    Madhu eventually had a lot of fun in this interview 🙂 Although for a while I could understand what Madhu must have been feeling – it is like asking your father why you can’t do something and getting in reply vague convictions in a paternalistic tone. More than anything, this interview shows a collision – and perhaps conciliation – of different styles of communication.

  • rajbuzz

    Nice one Madhu. It was an interesting discussion. Justice Katju is right in asking for media accountability. Journalists should only report the news as they come and not draw any conclusions/pronounce verdicts. That is for the relevant govt agencies to investigate and conclude; and off course for the public to perceive. The India Today headline screams of a ‘trial by media and pronounced guilty’ kind of tone which most media do nowadays.

  • Sandeep Kuppur

    time mark 12:00 to 13:00..looks like Madhu Trehan broke all the existing records for the longest interruption.. Arnab Goswami buck up ! 🙂

  • Nitish Goenka

    most enjoyable indeed ! 😀

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  • Rajesh

    Vote up now, but sign in if you want to vote down! So much for the freedom of speech, NL hypocrites! Fools!

  • Shantanu R.Joshi

    He does tooooooooooooooooo much of uu ah ah ah ooh ooh ooh aaaaaaaa ah ah ah ouuuu ummmmm aaaa ummmm
    how did he become a lawyer judge and journalist?!!!!!!!! it almost feels like he is going to start doing RAP version now! 🙂

  • Shantanu R.Joshi

    By the way i support his opinion about monitoring the press and media! its very fair and proper and high Time we had done so! but Madhuji’s point is also quite right in saying that the government will misuse the reforms! hence i guess the press council itself will need to under go a renaissance…why do they have MP’s in the council?! a renewed press council can think of doing it! and should do it definitely and immediately!

  • Megha Raturi

    This 50 min long interview was about “nothing”. It is very evident that Mr. Katju wants reasonable regulation and no tyranny or control over the press. Madhu trehan in an interview with Tavleen Singh said that these days journalists ask “contrary questions” which make least sense in more ways than one. SHE WAS DOING THE SAME THING HERE. She actually compared rioters that are motivated by religious or local outfits to a Former Judge of the Supreme Court. Onw word: Ridiculous.

  • Vikram

    enjoyed it to the core!!Most of the things he said made sense..but “may i”..was the best 😉

  • Sarvesh

    I agree with Justice Katju when he says that Media should be answerable for any report that harm reputation and I think there are enough provision in our justice system , but the problem is its too slow.
    I don’t agree with his part about regulating the Social Media.
    Criticizing and making fun of religions(be it Islam , Hinduism or XYZ) is an important part of Freedom of speech. There is no proof that there have been riots due to something posted on Social Media and even if there are riots then people who riot should be punished. There has to be a strong message that violence is not justified just on the basis that your ‘sentiments have been hurt’.
    Religious figures have more influence over people’s lives and that makes it even more important to criticize them.

  • Rakesh Mahto

    Madu before I started watching the interview I thought you were able to make this guy behave. But I was wrong after watching for 20 minutes. I am really sad to see such people use to chief justice in India.

  • kulveer singh

    I like Katjus sentence- May i answer now ?

  • nachiket

    funny and informative

  • Ni Vas

    Madhu didn’t have patience to listen to him. dual standards of journalism exposed this time..defending her own Newspaper…Full marks Katju…zero to host