About Us

We at Newslaundry are from the world of news and want to turn the mirror on ourselves.


We respect independence, we value justice and we consider transparency an important and achievable goal for credibility. We will question established ways and models that get too comfortable and cozy becoming inert. Inertia is death.


No one should be above scrutiny – not politics, not industry, not civil society, not the media. Not them, not you, not us,not I, not he, not she – no one.


Welcome to Newslaundry – Sabki dhulai. You watch. We’re watching.


Madhu Trehan: A pioneer in the world of journalism in India. Founding Editor of India Today. Who can forget Newstrack? You kept track of her to keep track of what’s happening. Shook things up in the news world, reported and produced some of the most memorable and hard hitting stories of our time. Author, columnist, journalist – Restless.


Abhinandan Sekhri: Reported for Newstrack on the issues that were most irrelevant and likely to be dropped and then for Aaj Tak. Wrote for NDTV’s political satire shows Gustakhi Maaf and Great Indian Tamasha from its launch in 2004 to April 2010. TV producer, TV critic, satirist, compulsive consumer of media, print-TV-online – Impatient.


Prashant Sareen: Grew up with the TV news world in India. Been part of the early teams in all TV space ground-breakers. Reported for Newstrack in the earliest days, edited NDTV’s Good Morning India, producer of Newstrack in its Doordarshan avatar, executive producer for Sony TV in its initial days. Editor techie director – Edgy.


Roopak Kapoor: Entrepreneur-Producer with no news background whatsoever. In fact not even interested in the boring drone that is TV news until Newslaundry. Leapt into the idea, itching to unleash his creative demons. Now if the idea tickled his fancy, you know you want to see Newslaundry. Sabki dhulai. Business admin, business background, business head – driven.


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