About Us

Newslaundry is a media critique, news and current affairs portal and YouTube channel. We value independence and transparency and believe the two are integral to democracy and a healthy society. This applies to news media too, often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. You can read about our mission here and see our ownership structure here.

We will question established ways and models that get too comfortable and cozy.

No one should be above scrutiny: Not politics, industry, civil society, and certainly not the media. Not them, not you, not us - no one.

Welcome to Newslaundry. Sabki dhulai. You watch. We’re watching.


Worked with Newstrack, Aaj Tak and NDTV. Co-founder of Small Screen. He’s a TV producer, director, writer and critic. Most likely to: ask you where your notebook is.


Ex-Tehelka, he wrote about topics like the Vyapam scam and the Saffron Army. Most likely to: land up in a police station.

Camera Attendant

He’s been around since the beginning of Newslaundry. Most likely to: run out of the room if someone says “podcast”.


She worked at Kindle Magazine as a journalist and can work her way in and out of Photoshop too. Most likely to: chirrup cheerfully even if it's doomsday.


Having worked as a freelance writer in the past, he's as adept at deliver a choice turn of phrase in Hindi as he is at negotiating with plumbers. Most likely to: have a raga-based song reference for the moment.

Consulting Editor

She’s a public health expert, interested in the intersection of poverty and public policy. Most likely to: make you feel angsty about capitalism.

Chitranshu Tiwari
Business Development

Worked with 350.org, Youth Ki Awaaz and UNEP. UN Awardee. When not devouring stories about energy transition, he aspires to moonlight as a stand-up comedian. Most likely to: judge you for having a Windows phone.

Managing Editor

Worked with Firstpost, DNA and Time Out Mumbai. Wrote one book, writing another. When she isn’t being a grammar nazi, she writes about art, film, books and gender. Most likely to: use a GIF.

Support Staff

She’s Shila’s assistant and looks after the office’s cleanliness and food requirements. Most likely to: hum a Bhojpuri song.


On his to-do list is winning the Pulitzer and changing the world, but until that happens, he’s out writing and reporting stories. Most likely to: vote for cycles.

Production Controller

He is the director of Clothesline and producer of NL Hafta. If there’s a story in Punjabi, chances are he’s itching to do it. Most likely to: rope you into being a guest on Hafta.


Ex-Hindustan Times, perennially a flaneur, ferroequinophile and user of public transport. Trying hard to spot silver linings in cloudless skies. Most likely to: express love for an iron horse, i.e. travel by train.

Trainee Reporter

A lapsed engineer, he has decided to focus his energies upon journalism. Most likely to: take a nap.

Editor In Chief

Founding editor of India Today; Editor-in- chief of Newstrack for TV Today Network, co-founder of Newslaundry, author of Tehelka as a Metaphor. She’s a columnist, journalist and pioneer. Most likely to: throw a curveball.

Reporter/Head of multimedia & production

Ex-Youth ki Awaaz, and interested in stories about social change. Most likely to: join the protest while covering it.

Associate Editor

Worked with Business Standard and DNA India. Winner of a Ladli media award. Most likely to: find the cloud in a silver lining.

Beach in your dream
Video Editor

Editor of various short films, director of the short film Chit-chat. Most likely to: put on his headphones while you’re talking.

Beach in your dream

He's a National Institute of Design graduate and has been working as a freelancer for the past few years. Most likely to: Spend time with nature


When he isn’t number-crunching, he pursues photography as a hobby. Most likely to: prepare your cheque.

Support Staff

He manages the office and keeps the wheels churning. He’s also the father of one girl and two boys. Most likely to: hand you a samosa or an extension cord (or both).

Support Staff

She’s been keeping the Newslaundry office spic and span since day one, and is an expert at keeping perennially hungry journalists well-fed through the work day. Most likely to: sneak you a cheese toast.


He’s interested in writing stories about gender, politics and development. Most likely to: find an Assam angle.

Video Editor

A Rajasthan University product and trained in 2D graphics and video editing, has worked as a senior editor on TVCs and corporate films. Most likely to: add super flashy effects to videos (even when least required)

Web Developer

He is a full stack web developer, striding toward his 10000hrs-at-work milestone. Disgusted with most people at NL most of the time (and thinks he hides it well). Most likely to: have a conversation with a bot.

Ze Intern

Destined for fame, lack of fortune and journalistic glory, provided they survive everyone above. Most likely to: reconsider their own genius.