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The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap – Episode 7

August 24, 2016   in Podcast |one comment

The pop culture podcast that isn't afraid to pop the bubble

JNU Rape Case: Accused May Apply for Anticipatory Bail

August 23, 2016   in Articles |4 comments

With student elections round the corner, student organisations are united against former AISA president Anmol Ratan

Clothesline – Episode 76

August 23, 2016   in TEEVEE |4 comments

Bori​a​ Majumdar took Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake" to heart. Salman Khan faced ​the ​backlash for his Olympic Goodwill Ambassador nomination​,​ but ​you know what? He ​might be just the right candidate. ​It was luggage over life, when ​Emirates EK521​ made its terrifying crash landing. And it turns out that some people are still nursing a grudge against Maria Sharapova for not knowing Sachin Tendulkar. All this and more ROTFL moments from the world of news.

#NLprimetime: Episode 26

August 23, 2016   in #NLprimetime |no comments

Things too hectic between the television and the tweets at #NLprimetime? Find all tweets compiled here; read at leisure.

Why So Serious?- Ep 11: Ek Bhakt Ke Mann Ki Baat

August 20, 2016   in TEEVEE |no comments

Watch Akash Banerjee's satirical take on the things that make you go @#&! This week, Akash dawns the role of an ardent Modi bhakt who cannot bear his idol's treachery as he lashes out at the cow protectors!

Hafta 81: Is the Amnesty issue seditious?

August 19, 2016   in Podcast |17 comments

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

A Review of #NLHafta from Vikas Thakur, Anupam S and Chandan Kumar

August 19, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

न्यूज़ लाॅन्ड्रिी टीम को मेरा अभिवादन। मैं आपके पाॅडकास्ट ‘एनएल हफ्ता‘ का एडिक्ट हूं। मैं आपको काफी समय से ‘फोकट‘ में सुनते आ रहा हूं। आपको सुनने के पीछे मेरा पहला कारण था, कि मैं अपनी अंग्रेज़ी सुधारना चाहता था। आपके पैनल को सुन कर मैंने अग्रेज़ी में सोचना, हंसना, दुखी होना, खुष होना, हिक़ारत […]

Are Marie biscuits as healthy as they claim to be?

August 19, 2016   in Hello Testing |no comments

With so many choices available, let Hello Testing tell you how to choose the best Marie

Chase: Love Jihad – faisla on the spot

August 19, 2016   in Articles |no comments

Head over to Saharanpur, where Junior Bhagat Singh has taken it upon himself to fight Love Jihad

The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap – Episode 6

August 17, 2016   in The Awful and Awesome |one comment

The pop culture podcast that isn't afraid to pop the bubble

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