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Raval’s Letter Bomb

April 30, 2013   in Cheat Sheet |3 comments

Who’s Raval? Why did he resign? What’s an Attorney General? We simplify the news for you.

Justice Verma (1933-2013)

April 23, 2013   in Life |2 comments

A dedication to Justice Verma for his exemplary contribution.

Musharraf: Up Close & Personal

April 18, 2013   in Governance |2 comments

Musharraf hotfoots it from court. Newslaundry follows him to his farmhouse. And gets a one-on-one interview with Mush.

Singing The Wrong Praises

April 15, 2013   in Critique |4 comments

Indian Express carries a PTI report without checking facts. And turns an obit into a reincarnation announcement.

Novartis And India: Patent Wars

April 2, 2013   in Cheat Sheet |no comments

The nuts and bolts of the Novartis patent war and what it means for India.