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India’s Defence Preparedness is Up Against The Wall

September 24, 2016   in Criticles |9 comments

War against Pakistan is simply not a pragmatic option

Meeting Irom Sharmila

August 9, 2016   in Book Extract |4 comments

The painfully lonely struggle of Manipur’s most famous daughter

Quetta blasts: hospital bomb kills 53

August 8, 2016   in Articles |2 comments

Some in Pakistan may blame India’s RAW, but the problem lies within Balochistan

Flood report: Forget Gurgaon and Assam, see the national calamity

August 2, 2016   in Criticles |no comments

Eleven states are flooded, but you’ve heard nothing about most of them in mainstream media

Kashmir’s media blackout is aimed at Pak TV channels

July 19, 2016   in Articles |no comments

Authorities say the target of the media blackout is the commentary on Pakistani news channels

The real story of why Congress lost Assam

May 20, 2016   in Articles |6 comments

Assam is in desperate need of reform and BJP should know that the voters won’t let it off the hook


July 22, 2014   in Governance |10 comments

The Baksa killings, Bodo factions and Narendra Modi’s Northeast policies.

Disqualified From Election Coverage

March 11, 2014   in Criticles |10 comments

Do only numbers in the Lok Sabha determine the media coverage a state will get in these elections?

Reporting On Nido’s Death

February 1, 2014   in Criticles |32 comments

Why the media should have hesitated before claiming that Nido Taniam’s death was a result of racism.

Behind The Assam Killings

January 30, 2014   in Governance |8 comments

The recent killings in Assam aren’t a one-off incident. There is a history to it which should not be ignored.

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