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The Banality of Rape

March 9, 2015   in Criticles |70 comments

By banning India’s Daughter, the BJP has gone against Modi’s agenda.

Satyarthi Deserves The Peace Prize, But These Guys?

October 10, 2014   in Criticles |95 comments

While the Nobel Committee chose well this time, that hasn’t always been the case.

The Real Change Modi’s Jhadoo Can Sweep In

October 8, 2014   in Governance |28 comments

Why Modi’s Swachh Bharat kick started with celeb endorsements, but had a smarter endgame.

Keep Newslaundry Free

June 28, 2014   in Criticles |43 comments

Stop the name-calling and make journalism what you want it to be.

Jaya Jaitly’s Alternate Reality

December 12, 2013   in Life |55 comments

Why Jaya Jaitly’s article commenting on Tehelka’s “non-journalism” & questioning their sting ops reeks of opportunism.

We Let This Gen Down

September 13, 2013   in Critique |83 comments

A critical look at the societal norms that contribute to India’s misogyny.

UPA’s Monkey Business

July 29, 2013   in Governance |38 comments

A people in despair, a government in wonderland. Why the UPA’s defence of its record rings hollow.

Midnight’s Children: The Film

September 4, 2012   in Critique |no comments

Rushdie’s lyrical narration and Deepa Mehta’s direction transport you to the heart of India and Pakistan’s history.

Stoking the Fires

August 22, 2012   in Critique |7 comments

Teesta and Javed’s biased analysis of this month's Mumbai riots can make the most secular of us question our beliefs.

Danny Boyle Slums It – Again

August 9, 2012   in Sports |8 comments

A creepy-looking baby, a weak sound system, uppity poetry & the Queen’s knickers. Welcome to the 2012 Olympics!

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