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The Making Of the Mahatma

October 2, 2013   in Criticles |8 comments

Re-reading My Experiments With Truth makes it easy to admire Gandhi, but not identify with him.

Sagarika: Research Novice

August 16, 2013   in Governance |82 comments

Instead of looking for the modern Hindu on Twitter, Sagarika should try borrowing some books from the library.

What Is “Real India”?

July 31, 2013   in Critique |37 comments

Why the “poor India is the real India” narrative is wrong and deceitful.

Investigating the 2G Scam

June 4, 2013   in Governance |one comment

Why the role of the JPC on the 2G scam is important in setting standards for future governments in power.

Manmohan Singh: Lacking Integrity?

April 29, 2013   in Governance |13 comments

Why MMS must speak up and validate or invalidate the JPC’s findings on his accountability.

Manmohan Bin Tughlaq

March 29, 2013   in Governance |9 comments

Is the 14th century Delhi sultan, Mohammad bin Tughlaq the secret role model for our current Delhi sultan, Manmohan Singh?

Katju Reads Sanju His Rights

March 25, 2013   in Governance |29 comments

When commenting on the Sanjay Dutt case, Katju would do well to expand his references beyond Shakespeare to Kipling.

Why Modi Deserved To Be Heard

March 5, 2013   in Life |57 comments

Gaddafi was invited to speak at LSE. Its students survived. So what was Wharton scared of?

The Truth Is Out There

February 5, 2013   in Critique |13 comments

Is Praveen Swami’s Hindu article casting unfair aspersions on the Indian Army? Or is he simply stating some unpleasant facts?

Channel Surf – NDTV 24X7

January 9, 2013   in Channel Surf |one comment

A debate on Owaisi morphs into a Thackeray debate. And how the BJP’s boycott of Sanjay Nirupam was foiled.

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