10 times life totally made you feel like an #UrbanPoor

Riding the trend, yo

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10 times life totally made you feel like an #UrbanPoor
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Yesterday, an article on Buzzfeed introduced a new dimension to the concept of urban poverty. These are twenty-somethings who “spend a majority of their salaries on keeping up the lifestyles and appearances that they believe are essential to earning those salaries.” Eternally sensitive as we are, we at Newslaundry did our bit to empathise with this problem.

  1. Had to settle for only two LITs at Social because his gruelling job doesn’t let him go during happy hours. #UrbanPoor
  1. Swallowing saliva for two days straight. Waiting for pay cheque to blow on Bling H2O. #UrbanPoor
  1. Bought only one Mango shirt this month because the barsati rent is going up by 10%. #UrbanPoor
  1. Had to buy full-sleeve Zara top to hide armpit hair because couldn’t afford chocolate wax #UrbanPoor
  1. Watching friends order main course at Indian Accent, while I fill tummy with wasabi raita. #UrbanPoor
  1. Had to take the Metro instead of an Uber because restaurant week is coming up. #UrbanPoor
  1. Drinking Sula even though my heart beats for a caipirinha (made of imported Brazilian cachaca). #UrbanPoor
  1. Buying the iPhone6S because I can’t afford iPhone 6s Plus. #UrbanPoor
  2. Stuck eating sabja because DLF Promenade was out of chia seeds. #UrbanPoor
  2. Died of heat stroke at the construction site because I don’t know what ORS is. Hey, how did I get on this list?
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