'Such caravans I have seen in 1947': Gulzar on migrants fleeing to their villages

This is the second in a series of poems by Gulzar on the plight of the poor workers trying to find a way home.

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The ongoing lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has devastated India's poor and marginalised. Nearly two months after the lockdown was abruptly imposed in late March, thousands of migrants trapped without food, money or shelter in the cities that they had moved to for work are still trying to find a way back to their hometowns and villages. Many have died on the way, consumed by hunger, exhaustion or accidents.

The government has done little to help them so far, leading to an unfolding humanitarian disaster.

In this poem – the second in a series – the poet and lyricist Gulzar movingly captures the plight of the migrant workers, comparing them to migrants of the Partition.


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