Watch: Farmers answer dumb questions

A city boy tries to understand why farmers are protesting.

ByNL Team
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What is MSP? How does the APMC mandi work? Where's the food for the protesting farmers coming from? What does a middleman do? Why are the farmers so pissed with the government?

These questions on everyone's mind these days, but few seem to have clear answers.

Meghnad S, a city boy with no idea about farming, is curious and has a lot of questions. Accompanied by friend, philosopher, guide, and crack journalist Nidhi Suresh, he ventures deep into the farmer protest at Singhu on Delhi's border to find some answers.

They walk around the seemingly endless protest site, a highway blocked by tractors and vehicles as far as the eye can see, and talk to the farmers to get some perspective on the whole thing.


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