Reporters Without Orders Ep 165: India’s Covid disaster

A reporters’ podcast about what made news and what shouldn’t have.

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Reporters Without Orders Ep 165: India’s Covid disaster
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In this episode of Reporters without Orders, host Ayush Tiwari is joined by Akanksha Kumar and Tanishka Sodhi of Newslaundry.

Akanksha talks about her coverage of the unfolding Covid catastrophe in Delhi, narrating how hospitals in North Delhi are dealing with a shortage of oxygen supply and how, with the death toll rising, the crematoria are struggling to conduct funerals.

Tanishka discusses her report on why journalists are showing grisly visuals of Covid funerals. She recalls her conversations with several reporters photojournalists, Indian and foreign, who are covering the crisis and what they have to say about criticism of their work. She also explains why it is misleading to claim that the international media didn’t cover the death and devastation from Covid in the West the same way they are in India.

This and a lot more as they talk about what made news, what didn’t, and what shouldn’t have.

Tune in.



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Produced by Parikshit Sanyal, recorded by Jude Weston, edited by Umrav Singh.

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