Awful and Awesome Ep 215: Sherni, Haseen Dillruba, Ray, Dilip Kumar

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While talking about the film Sherni:

Abhinandan: If you can solve this mystery for us and you think you’re the cat’s whiskers...and get the fangs straight. I’ve replaced facts with fangs, you know.

Rajyasree: We understood.

Abhinandan: Just explaining to you. Then you can write to us at and tell us: is Sher a lion or a tiger, a cheetah or a papita? And then we might give you fruit salad but it may get spoiled by the time it gets to you.

Rajyasree: Now you’ve lost five subscribers who were listening to us. They've left.

Abhinandan: They’ve left? Why? The papita is too much.

Rajyasree: You’ve crossed the line over there!

Rajyasree and Abhinandan burst out laughing.

This and a whole lot of other stuff awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri and Rajyasree Sen discuss the films Sherni and Haseen Dillruba; anthology web series Ray; the works of Dilip Kumar; and various commercials.

PS: Rajyasree thought Dilip Kumar starred in Sangam. Don’t miss Abhinandan’s laughter.

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00:01 - Introduction

04:51 - Sherni

17:18 - Subscriber letters

18:06 - Haseen Dillruba

28:38 - Subscriber letters

32:51 - Ray

49:00 - Various ads

55:36 - Subscriber letters

59:33 - Dilip Kumar



Haseen Dillruba


Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez

Bee Gees - Tragedy

Toofan wahi jo sab

Britannia Good Day ad ft. Karan Johar

Pathkind Diagnostics ad


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