Awful and Awesome Ep 218: Mimi, Sarpatta Parambarai, The White Lotus

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Awful and Awesome Ep 218: Mimi, Sarpatta Parambarai, The White Lotus
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Talking about the film Mimi:

Rajyasree: But there is a clause in that also that the woman should have already had children of her own. Basically that woman has no other life.

Abhinandan: But there’s also a clause that you have to give special gifts in December and it’s called a…

Rajyasree: Santa Clause!

Abhinandan: It’s called a Santa Clause. Let me finish my own jokes! Why do you interrupt my joke? I will not let you finish your jokes now.

Rajyasree: You never let me finish!

Abhinandan: You never let me finish a sentence, man!

Rajyasree: No, when there are other people then I let you. Because I let you shine in that moment.

Rajyasree and Abhinandan burst out laughing.

This and a whole lot of other stuff awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri and Rajyasree Sen discuss the films Mimi and Sarpatta Parambarai; TV miniseries The White Lotus, and The Voot Select Film Fest.

PS: Abhinandan and Rajyasree share their top five comedy series.

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Song: Jail


00.01 - Introduction

02:32 - White Lotus

09:30 - Subscriber letters

12.49 - Mimi

27:53 - Subscriber mails

31.20 - Sarpatta Parambarai

43:12 - Subscriber letters

45:55 - Voot Select Film Fest

56:53 - Subscriber letters


The White Lotus

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Voot Select Film Fest


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