Sansad Watch Ep 7: What is the national monetisation pipeline and will it work?

The government is out of money and it's looking to get some paisa in.

ByNL Team
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The economy is a mess and the government is out of money. For the last three years, prime minister Narendra Modi has been announcing that the government will spend an astounding Rs 100 lakh crore+ on infrastructure. So, to get some paisa in, the government has announced a grand national monetisation pipeline, where assets identified from 13 sectors will be "monetised" out to private companies.

What is this new scheme? Will it even work? Watch to find out.


Niti Aayog, National Monetisation Pipeline Volume I and Volume II

PPPs are good in theory, but in India they are a failure in practice: Shailesh Pathak, ED, Bhartiya Group

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