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Hafta 332: Tarun Tejpal verdict, Modi's new vaccine policy, Covid in Bengal

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

WrittenBy:NL Team

This week on NL Hafta, Abhinandan Sekhri, Raman Kirpal, Manisha Pande, Jayashree Arunachalam and Anand Vardhan are joined by legal affairs expert Bhabna Das.

They begin the discussion by reviewing a Goa court's judgement in the Tarun Tejpal rape case. Remarking on the court's observations about the behaviour of the former Tehelka editor's accuser soon after the incident, Bhabna asserts that "any judge has their own inherent biases and stereotypes but they must divorce that from what the law says".

Talking about the Narendra Modi government's reversal on its vaccine policy, Jayashree points out that they have gone about it in an arbitrary fashion. Dismissing the claim made by the government and its supporters that states had been told to procure some of the vaccine stock on their own because they asked for it, she says, "If it is the case that states have been demanding this change, then they have also been asking for a reduction in their GST dues, repeal of the farm laws."

Analysing the appointment of Anup Chandra Pandey as election commissioner ahead of the Uttar Pradesh election, some of the panellists argue that it is yet another example of the BJP treating the poll body as an extension of itself.

The panel also discuss the rumoured rift between Modi and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath, the racist comments of English cricketer Ollie Robinson, the Covid Situation in Bengal, and a lot more.


Text by Ritika Chauhan.

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