TV Newsance 169: TV9 Bharatvarsh’s obsession with Russia-Ukraine war, and an attack on our senses

Your weekly dose of all the insanity that passes off as news on TV.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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This week, we watched TV9 Bharatvarsh’s "war reporting" on Russia and Ukraine. The channel has become the most-watched Hindi news channel, displacing Aaj Tak and R Bharat. How did they become No. 1? By showing us footage of bombs and missiles on loop, talking about nuclear holocaust, World War III, and generally telling their viewers how the world is coming to an end.

Last week, the Modi government sent an advisory to channels on sensational reporting on the Russia and Ukraine war. While TV9 Bharatvarsh’s reporting beat everyone, we look at how many other Hindi channels use the same playback of war mongering to get some good ol’ TRPs. Modi government also asked channels to not communalise issues. But Sambit Patra didn’t read the memo. Aman Chopra of News18 Hindi yet again made news for spreading misinformation and spreading communal propaganda. Rajasthan police has slapped him FIRs but we don’t think that is the best way of dealing with Nafrati Nutcases. We give you a DIY solution on how to deal with hate on TV news. Watch.


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