TV Newsance 179: India Today’s balancing act, cute vs angry lion & Sri Lanka crisis

Your weekly dose of all the insanity that passes off as news on TV.

WrittenBy:NL Team

With the India Today Group getting a new star anchor, we look at all the golden opportunities the hiring offers India’s “sabse tez” channel – khoob jamega rang jab mil jayenge teen yaar, Sudhir, Shweta aur nanochip.

The James Webb space telescope brought us never-before-seen images of the universe and made humanity and all its troubles seem trivial for a brief moment. Back in the universe of Indian TV news, triviality was being turned into an art form. Republic’s ticker writers had a field day unleashing their existential angst onto their viewers over the National Emblem controversy.

On World Population Day, we saw Zee News stick to the familiar script of demonising Muslims. And we mean familiar in a literal way. The crisis in Sri Lanka has some lessons to offer us to learn vis-a-vis the media. We explain how.



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