The ‘jihad chart’ Sudhir Chaudhary based his entire show on? It’s plagiarised

The Zee News editor based his primetime show on a flowchart that he lifted from a Facebook page which deals in conspiracy theories about halal food.

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Update: Meghnad's DNA test of Sudhir's DNA is up. Read it here.

Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the WHO; India has imposed restrictions on the entry of foreigners; stock markets across the world are tumbling. But for Zee News editor Sudhir Chaudhary, the most important story right now is jihad.

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On his flagship show, DNA, on March 11, Chaudhary schooled his viewers about the different “types of jihad”, complete with a flowchart.

Chaudhary actually spent time and resources to come up with this absurdity, you might ask?

Not quite. He lifted the flowchart from a Facebook page called “Boycott Halal In India”. He did make the effort to translate it in Hindi, however, if that counts for anything.

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A glance at this Facebook page shows it is dedicated to spreading conspiracy theories. Sample this:

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And, oh, long before Chaudhary made an entire show out of this flowchart, it’s been populating Twitter timeline and Reddit feeds.

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It seems Chaudhary can’t come up with an original graphic, let alone an argument, in support of even his primary agenda – the demonisation of India’s Muslim minority.

Editor's note: This is far from all that was wrong with Sudhir Chaudhary's show. Stay tuned for Meghnad's DNA test of Chaudhary's DNA.


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