Reporters Without Orders Ep 245: Gujarat polls, ED summons to Hemant Soren

A reporters’ podcast about what made news and what shouldn’t have.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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This week, host Basant Kumar is joined by Rajnish Kumar of BBC Hindi and Hindustan journalist Akhilesh Singh.

Akhilesh talks about Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren being summoned by the Enforcement Directorate for questioning in a money laundering probe linked to alleged illegal mining. He also tells the panel about the raid on Congress MLAs and how one of the cars had a BJP sticker on them.

The conversation moves to Gujarat elections as Rajnish sheds light on how the Aam Aadmi Party is trying to make inroads with its promises of free water and electricity in the state. They also discuss whether a BJP ticket to Hardik Patel can influence a section of voters. 

This and a lot more as they talk about what made news, what didn’t, and what shouldn’t have. 

Tune in.

Watch the conversation here


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00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:01 - Gujarat Elections

00:03:21 - Jharkhand CM Summoned by ED 

00:08:28 - Gujarat Elections

00:24:56 - ED Raids on Jharkhand Congress MLAs

00:42:34 - Recommendations 


Akhilesh Singh

The People's Leader

Basant Kumar

Listen With Irfan

Produced and recorded by Parikshit Sanyal, edited by Umrav Singh.

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