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Hafta 414: Syrup deaths in Uzbekistan, Haldwani order, food in cinemas

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

ByNL Team
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This week, Abhinandan Sekhri, Manisha Pande, Raman Kirpal and Anand Vardhan are joined by Prashant Reddy T, an author and lawyer. 

The discussion starts with the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the alleged role of India-manufactured syrups in the recent deaths in Uzbekistan and Gambia. “The government needs to be more transparent and explain what are the steps that it took to ensure that the chain of custody of the control samples was maintained so that they were not tampered with,” says Prashant.

The conversation moves to Haldwani, where the Supreme Court has stayed the planned eviction of around 4,000 families on alleged railway land, pointing to the need for rehabilitation. Anand points to an inconsistent implementation of the law and a gross miscarriage of justice.  “Finally, what happens is that it defeats the objective of the policy as well as the law, even if it’s legal.”

The panel also talks about the recent Supreme Court verdict allowing cinema hall owners the right to set their terms and conditions for selling food and beverages on their premises.  

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