Hafta 427: Agriculture reporting, Stalin’s social justice meet, custodial violence

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This week, Newslaundry’s Manisha Pande, Jayashree Arunachalam, Anand Vardhan and Raman Kirpal are joined by journalist and entrepreneur TR Vivek.

Vivek has launched a digital news portal devoted to India’s food and agriculture, so the panel discusses the state of agriculture in the country, media coverage of it, and the future of farming. “There seems to be a growing distance between the producers of food and the consumers of food,” Vivek says. “That’s where the media is lacking.”

The panel talks about events in Tamil Nadu, starting with MK Stalin’s social justice meet with opposition leaders and what this means for 2024. Jayashree explains recent custodial violence by the police in Tamil Nadu, and the panel then discusses the recent Ram Navami violence in the country.

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