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NL Interview: Ravish on why his decision to quit NDTV wasn’t ‘just emotional’

The journalist speaks to Newslaundry about the media industry, NDTV and the Adani interview.

WrittenBy:NL Team

“It’s not as if my decision to quit was just emotional. I considered it for quite some time after August 23. There are many things which are not reflected in words, but you can feel it in the air that something is changing.” 

That’s former NDTV managing editor Ravish Kumar – in an interview with Newslaundry’s Atul Chaurasia – when asked about why the former decided to end his 26-year journey with the network in December last year. In August last year, the media arm of Gautam Adani’s Adani Enterprises acquired nearly 30 percent of NDTV stakes through an indirect deal, triggering an open offer. And as 2022 came to an end, the Adani takeover of the network was complete, with the channel subsequently seeing changes in its management.

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