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NL Interview: N Ram on censorship, threats to press freedom, and govt ad cuts in India

The director of the Hindu Publishing Group speaks about the use of central agencies against media houses and journalists' concerns over the new IT rules.

WrittenBy:NL Team

N Ram, the director of the Hindu Publishing Group, speaks to Newslaundry’s Tanishka Sodhi about the major threats to freedom of press in India today.

“This kind of pressure we have not seen in recent decades,” he said. “We are the founding and permanent members of this club of shame; members of the club are those countries where journalists are murdered in connection with their work.”

N Ram discusses censorship ailing the press, the use of central agencies against media houses, journalists’ concerns around the new IT rules, and the perils of businessmen taking over news channels.

He also details how the Rajiv Gandhi government and Narendra Modi government withdrew advertising from the Hindu after the Bofors scam and Rafale scam, respectively.


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