‘Very happy, now the whole country knows me’: A meeting with Brij Bhushan Singh

The WFI chief spoke to Newslaundry at his residence, surrounded by his aides.

WrittenBy:Sumedha Mittal
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Asked if the case against him will impact his electoral prospects, the BJP MP said, “I am the one who makes or breaks. Come to my constituency some day.”

Singh announced earlier this month that he would contest the Lok Sabha election next year from Kaiserganj in Uttar Pradesh – he has thrice represented the constituency. 

At this point, Tomar waded in. “A few days ago, these wrestlers had posted that the BJP lost an election in Netaji’s constituency. When I asked him about it, he told me that the winner was his man, not the one who lost.”

Brij Bhushan laughed at the remark.

Asked who is closest to Singh within the federation, it was Delhi wrestling federation unit president Jai Prakash who responded. “We are all part of the federation but it is Tomar who is the closest.”

“Because he works hard,” explained Singh.

Under fire amid the wrestlers’ protest, the BJP MP had planned a massive show of strength with a rally in Ayodhya in June, but later announced that it had been postponed. Singh referred to it as a “cause” for which the “entire country came together”. “Just give me one example of one cause for which the entire country came together? And that too when the heroes of this country were alleging something.”

Jai Prakash said, “Netaji, you are the one who made them heroes.”

Brij Bhushan shrugged the comment off and said, “If that Ayodhya rally had happened after this incident, it would have helped. About 22 to 23 lakh people would have participated in it.”

Jai Prakash said the discussion to hold that rally had already taken place, “but there are some political pressures too”.

“A lot of construction work is also going on in Ayodhya. So, it also increased the chances of some accident,” said Singh. 

Asked about how that rally would have helped him, Singh said, “Looks like you are in the mood to interview me,” joining his hands and hinting at the end of a conversation with Newslaundry. “We will discuss these personal matters later someday. I will tell you everything once my media trial is over. Not now.”

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