NL Interview: Gaurav Gogoi on no-confidence motion, Manipur, 2024 media strategy

The Congress MP claims that BJP leaders have been in talks with underground groups in Manipur.

WrittenBy:NL Team

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has led the opposition’s no-confidence motion to corner the Narendra Modi government in Parliament over the conflict in Manipur.

In a conversation with Newslaundry, the Kaliabor MP spoke about what his party aims to achieve through the motion, which is expected to fail with the BJP’s overwhelming majority in Lok  Sabha. Gogoi alleged that the BJP leadership in the centre as well as in the northeast has been in talks with underground groups in Manipur for electoral gains.

On PM Modi’s position on Manipur, the Congress leader said the prime minister as well as the government only cares about his image. “Because PM Modi doesn’t want to speak on Manipur, he surrounded himself with certain bouncers so that attention was deflected away from the PM. Whether the CM of a state or union cabinet ministers, they are all acting like bouncers to deflect attention…away from the Prime Minister.”

Gogoi also criticised the mainstream media for not giving sufficient space to the opposition. “Mainstream media is shooting themselves in the foot. They are damaging their own reputation and credibility by not doing independent journalism.”

He also talked about the Congress’s social media strategy, the INDIA alliance’s roadmap for the northeast, and more.



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