TV Newsance 222: TV News’ fixation with Rahul’s flying kiss, Newsclick and real Godi media exposé

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WrittenBy:NL Team
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This week we saw crucial bills being tabled in the Lok Sabha, while the opposition took on the Narendra Modi-government over the Manipur conflict with a no-confidence motion.

But of all the questions raised around Manipur, the big talking point for our TV news anchors was Rahul Gandhi’s ‘flying kiss’ or what Arnab called “chumma”.

When not bashing Gandhi’s “inappropriate behaviour”, anchors were busy praising Home Minister Amit Shah and PM Modi for their “excellent performance” in the Parliament, with Anjana even exemplifying it with cricketing metaphors.

Independent media also found a mention in the Parliament, with Newsclick being accused of sourcing funds from China, and being a part of the ‘tukde tukde’ gang. This came as an opportunity for our usual suspects on prime-time to vent their frustration and tell us who the real ‘Godi media’ are. 

Their tirade against the independent media gave us some ideas too, and we went all Christopher Nolan on them.



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