NL Interview: Manipur Naga MP on NDA leaders’ silence, state machinery’s failure, Kuki-Zomis demands

MP Lorho S Pfoze said violence escalated as law enforcement agencies remained mute spectators.

WrittenBy:Shivnarayan Rajpurohit
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The BJP did not want any NDA coalition MPs from the Northeast to speak on the Manipur crisis during the no-confidence motion debate in the Parliament, said Lorho S Pfoze, Member of Parliament from Outer Manipur and leader of the BJP-led NDA alliance partner Naga People’s Front. The politician said “some friends” in the BJP advised him not to speak on the ongoing conflict.   

Besides divulging the silence of the NDA leaders, Pfoze elaborated on the failures of the state machinery in Manipur in a conversation with Shivnarayan Rajpurohit. The first-time MP alleged that violence escalated in the state as law enforcement agencies remained mute spectators, and even led marauding mobs comprising “militia forces”. 

Pfoze said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have visited Manipur to “wipe away the tears” of the people. He also added that Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement on not dismissing Chief Minister Biren Singh only because he was cooperating with the centre “did not make sense” as the Kuki-Zomi communities have lost faith in the CM.

The Outer Manipur MP also answered questions on whether Modi would skip strife-torn Manipur if elections were to happen today. Do Nagas share the Meiteis’ concerns about illegal immigration? Do they support the Kuki-Zomis’ demand for a separate administration? What would it take for peace? 



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