TV Newsance 225: Pakistan obsession of Godi media, Gambhir’s temper, Modi’s Bharat masterstroke

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This week, Abhinandan takes stock of the Indian TV news’ obsession with Pakistan. No matter the issue at hand, our TV news anchors are chronically racing to tell us what’s worse in our neighbouring country.

Speaking of Pakistan, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir made news this week for making an obscene gesture towards spectators, reportedly chanting Virat Kohli’s name, after the India-Pakistan Asia Cup match in Sri Lanka.

Gambhir was on the ground as a commentator. But not too long ago, in an interview with Amish Devgan, our beloved ‘Gullu’, the BJP leader had said that India should not play against Pakistan. Abhinandan suggested an innovative cure for all of Gambhir’s hate and sadness.  

We also looked at Network 18’s exemplary coverage of issues, which has made it “No. 1” in viewership. The latest masterstroke of our dear leader, which takes him one step closer to achieving Akhand Bharat, also did not go unnoticed.    


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